I offer English as an Additional Language tutoring, with sessions from £15 per hour. I also specialises in Scottish English and Scots tutoring, focusing on trying to help those who have moved to Scotland to understand and connect with people in their local area.

On offer are two different types of tutoring. The first is study support. These are unstructured sessions, where no plan is prepared before the lesson, and are priced at £15 per hour. It is important to be aware when booking these sessions that the student is responsible for choosing what is to be discussed and studied during the time together. The other form of tutoring on offer is 1:1 tutoring, priced at £20 per hour. These are structured sessions, where each lesson is planned alongside an eight week plan used to guide studying. Both types of plans are based on feedback and ideas from the student, as well as my own expertise. In this way student and tutor work together to create the perfect customised plan.

Please note that the first session is always free, regardless of whether you choose to undertake study support of 1:1 tutoring. In addition there is a 10% discount for every extra hour taken in a week. So for example, if a student chose to take on two hours of study support, the second hour would be charged at £13.50 rather than £15, thanks to the 10% discount.

To book a session, or ask any further questions, please use the form below: