Beginning in the summer of 2019, Thomas began to experiment more seriously with writing as a regular artistic practice by writing a large amount of flash fiction stories (stories of under a thousand words). Eventually this project turned into Under 1000, a podcast which would release twice a week with a new story contained in each episode. The stories covered a vast range of themes, genres and ideas, though a common theme was stories of queer life, love, and difficulty.

Although Under 1000 is no longer active, having ended in 2020, the project was instrumental to much of Thomas’ other writing work. Writing such a large volume of stories so consistently was excellent training for the craft of storytelling as a whole. In addition the project helped him to develop many of the audio skills associated with podcasting, such as editing, sound effect work, and confidence presenting. If you listen to the show from the first episode to the last it is undoubtable that you will hear a significant improvement, a sign of the training this project provided Thomas with.

In 2021 an anthology of Under 1000 stories was released in both paperback and eBook formats. To read more about that, click here.

To listen to Under 1000 check out the playlist below, or find it on any of the usual podcast providers.