Thomas has been passionate about writing for much of his life, but took up the practice more seriously from 2019, when he began creating his podcast Under 1000. This project involved writing two new flash fiction stories each week. Some of these have since been compiled into the anthology collection Fifty Tiny Tales, which is available in paperbook and eBook formats here.

Since Under 1000 ended in 2020, Thomas has been working on a novel project, which he is now in the process of seeking publication for. This new work, his first foray into book-length fiction, is a dystopian work exploring how individuals are able to survive when they have largely been abandoned by the state. In addition the story weaves in a difficult and dysfunctional romantic relationship between the two women at its centre. This is a continuation of Thomas’ passion not only for writing queer stories, but moreover queer stories which are complex, challenging, and real.